T Bar Necklaces

Ethical & Conflict Free T Bar Jewellery

Almost all of our jewellery is made with sterling silver or gold vermeil and we always use conflict-free gems and recycled materials. Even the precious gems included in our jewellery are ethically sourced. Being an ethical jewellery business is so important to us, so we are here to provide you with beautiful, conflict-free jewellery.

If it’s not sterling silver or gold vermeil, it is probably made from solid gold or white gold. We pride ourselves on only using high quality materials in our jewellery so it looks great and lasts a long time. We also offer four chain lengths for almost all of our necklaces: 16”, 18”, 20”, and 22”.

Designed to look beautiful and built to last, our jewellery is a great choice for anyone! Whether you wear your pieces every day or only on occasions, having high quality jewellery in your collection is a great way to step up your look and bring your personal style with you wherever you go.

The T bar represents balance, so grab one of these pieces for greater balance in yours or a loved ones’ life.

One of the most popular pieces in our whole collection, the T-Bar necklace is simple, versatile, and delicate.

A small bar is wrapped in a silver or gold rope and hangs from a chain. We offer four chain lengths from 16 to 22 inches so that you can easily work this piece into your collection, whether it will be part of stacking necklaces or will be worn on its own.

Our sacred balance T Bar necklace features two turquoise gemstones and a larger pendant.

The bar symbolises balance, while the conflict-free turquoise gemstones symbolise wisdom, tranquillity, protection, good fortune, and hope.

This piece is also part of our Sacred Collection which is designed to evoke spiritual emotions. Wear the Sacred Balance necklace to bring balance, protection, and peace to your life.

This style would work as a stand-alone necklace, or can easily be added to an existing collection due to the four chain length options: 16”, 18”, 20”, and 22”. We also have this available in both sterling silver and gold vermeil to match any style.

Our Zephyr Balance T-Bar necklace is part of our Zephyr collection, which is designed to spark ideas of freedom, travel, adventure, and spirituality.

With two cubic zirconia gemstones on each end of a solid bar, this necklace brings strength and clarity.

The simplistic pendant is great for stacking, and the four chain length options make this even easier. Is your style more minimal? This necklace is also great for wearing on its own as a subtle accessory.

Part of our Vintage collection, we have created this bespoke, one-of-a-kind piece made of 9kt yellow gold and conflict-free precious stones. Each piece in this collection is of the highest quality, and there is only one available. We designed these pieces to last a long time, so much so that our goal is for these pieces to be passed down.

The twisted chain brings charming detail to a simple pendant. Great as a stacking necklace and fabulous as a stand-alone piece, this solid gold T-Bar necklace is glamorous, detailed, and a subtle statement.