Snake Jewellery

Serpent Jewellery

Throughout history, the snake has been given many different symbolic meanings.

The Ancient Greeks saw snakes as a symbol of medicine, wisdom, and fertility. Ancient Egyptians believed serpents represented royalty and deity and they were worn on pendants around their necks. Even the Romans had beliefs about snakes, ranging from everlasting love to wisdom.

Snake jewellery has been worn for thousands of years representing many different symbolic beliefs, and not only that: it looks great, too!

All of our jewellery is made with sterling silver or gold vermeil and we always use conflict-free gems and recycled materials. Even the precious gems included in our jewellery are ethically sourced. Being an ethical jewellery business is so important to us, so we are here to provide you with beautiful, conflict-free jewellery.

We are sure we have the perfect piece for you.

Our range of snake pendant necklaces are simple yet glamorous.

In Ancient Egypt, people wore sacred snake pendants on necklaces to represent royalty and deity.

Available in sterling silver and gold vermeil, with solid metal pendants or crystal encrusted pendants to match any style, these necklaces are perfect for wearing individually. If stacked necklaces are more your style, they are also available in four chain lengths from 16 to 22 inches so they can sit perfectly within your collection.

In Greek mythology, snake rings were worn in honour of the Greek healing god Asclepius. Rings featuring snakes are an ancient fashion statement that still look great today.

Our snake rings are statement pieces. Available in sterling silver and gold vermeil, our rings are sure to match any style preference.

We also have a ring which is hand crafted to order, featuring a Burmese Pidgeon Blood Ruby and diamonds along the body. This ring is a statement piece, ultra-glamorous with eye-catching, conflict-free gemstones and a detailed, coiled body. Check out this beautifully unique piece here.

Our other, slightly simpler snake rings feature emerald eyes and a smooth body for more subtle yet equally glamorous accessorising.

Our snake earrings range from subtle and small to large statement pieces.

Our single studs feature a small clear gemstone which has been ethically sourced, made from sterling silver or gold vermeil depending on your preferred metal. These studs are great for any piercing placement and add a little piece of exotic sparkle to your curation.

Our drop earrings in this range feature a snake pendant hanging from a hoop. Although statement pieces, these earrings are beautifully versatile and can be worn with any look.

Our yellow gold and white gold single studs are beautiful additions for your piercing collection. The high quality metal means that they are perfect for anyone, and the diamond eyes add a charming life-likeness to the small serpent bodies.

Our snake bracelets are great for wearing individually or for stacking.

The sterling silver or gold vermeil bangles boast highly-detailed, scaled bodies and emerald gemstone eyes. The high quality, ethical bangles offer a subtle yet beautiful addition to your jewellery collection.