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Pirate Jewellery

Ethical & Conflict Free Pirate Jewellery

Our pirate jewellery is based on a pirate cob we found in an antique shop in France. The small coin was found on a shipwreck, and would be used as currency hundreds of years ago. We also know pirates to have been jewellery wearers themselves!

Pirate captains would wear gold earrings, gold rings, and gold chains, whereas a normal sailor would normally only wear one gold hoop earring. It is said that the gold hoop earring would be worn so should something happen to the pirate, the piece of jewellery would be valuable enough to get him back home. Some would even engrave their home port’s name on their earring to ensure they would be returned safely.

Our pirate jewellery is available in both gold vermeil and sterling silver so anyone can find a piece that will work with their personal style.

Being an ethical jewellery business is so important to us, so we are here to provide you with beautiful, conflict-free jewellery. We use recycled materials and ethical practices to make sure that we can create the highest quality pieces in the most sustainable way.

We pride ourselves on only using high quality materials in our jewellery so it looks great and lasts a long time. We also offer four chain lengths for almost all of our necklaces: 16”, 18”, 20”, and 22”, so you can wear them as a single necklace or add them to an existing collection to stack.

Designed to look beautiful and built to last, our jewellery is a great choice for anyone! Whether you wear your pieces every day or only on occasions, having high quality jewellery in your collection is a great way to step up your look and bring your personal style with you wherever you go.

Pirate cobs were coins that were generally accepted as currency all over the world. Ever heard a pirate in a movie refer to “pieces of eight” or “doubloons”? That is a cob!

Available in both sterling silver and gold vermeil, this necklace based off an antique find will give you that effortless, boho look while adding an element of adventure to your outfit.

We offer four chain lengths from 16 to 22 inches so that you can easily work this piece into your collection, whether it will be part of stacking necklaces or will be worn on its own.

Our pirate cob rings boast a large embossed coin replicating antique pirate currency.

Made from gold vermeil or sterling silver, these rings are a fabulous statement that can be worn singularly or as part of a multi ring collection. The flat surface means that there is little chance of the ring catching on anything, and the large surface area demands attention.

Available in 3 different sizes from recycled precious metals, we will send this ring to you from our ethical workshop in recycled, sustainable packaging.