- Unique Rings Crafted Sustainably -

Wolf and Zephyr is a business forged out of a need and want to change the jewellery industry. Our sincere promise to the world is to act on an ethical basis. We create items that have a low impact on the planet and protect fair labour. Each item in our collection is created exclusively with ethically sourced and recycled precious stones and metals.

- Hand Crafted Rings Inspired By Nature -

Mix and match our gorgeous, hand-crafted gold vermeil and sterling silver rings with unique designs inspired by the natural world. Express your energy through the art of ring-stacking or choose bold, statement rings to compliment any outfit.

- Explore Our Sustainable Rings Collection -

Each hand-crafted ring is inspired by the natural environment around us, making each piece special and precious. Delicately hand-crafted using precious metals and gemstones, our ring collection offers a vibrant colour selection. Our collection includes styles for every occasion, from simple bands to unique, gemstone rings. Many of our rings come in delicate and minimalist styles perfect for stacking.