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Coin Necklaces

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Coin Jewellery

Coins have been worn on jewellery for hundreds of years. It is thought that wearing a coin will bring luck and good fortune to the wearer, and has even been believed to bring wealth and prosperity!

The symbolic meaning of the coin makes it a great gift for loved ones, and the simple style means they are easy to wear and anyone can wear them. Browse our range of necklaces available in four chain lengths.

All of our jewellery is made with sterling silver or gold vermeil and we always use conflict-free gems and recycled materials. Being an ethical jewellery business is so important to us, so we are here to provide you with beautiful, conflict-free jewellery.

We are sure we have the perfect piece for you.

Our Two Sisters coin necklace is available in both sterling silver and gold vermeil and in four chain lengths ranging from 16” to 22”.

This coin is a symbol of powerful women, and is thought to empower any woman that is given the symbol to wear. The Two Sisters pendant brings strength from the deity of two sisters.

Available in sterling silver and gold vermeil, our American coin necklace is inspired by travel. Choose your preferred recycled metal and chain length, and wear as a stacked piece or as a stand-alone statement.

Universal symbols of freedom adorn the pendant. Each side of the coin is a different design: Liberty head and the American eagle.

The perfect necklace for the wanderlust, our American coin pendant necklace is a minimal accessory which can be worn anywhere.

Featuring the bust of Cleopatra, our Egyptian coin necklace is available in sterling silver and gold vermeil, and comes in 16”, 18”, 20”, and 22” chain lengths.

Wearing a necklace that features the iconic silhouette of Cleopatra represents everything she was: a diplomat, speaker of multiple languages, a naval commander, a medical writer, and the last active ruler of the Ptolemaic Kingdom. Ultimately, she was strong, educated, and powerful, and adorning her symbol is a representation of everything she was able to do.