St Christopher Necklace Meaning

St Christopher Necklace Meaning

At Wolf and Zephyr, we love nothing more than travelling, having adventures and obviously jewellery with incredible meanings. So, one piece we felt was a must-have for our collection was the St Christopher pendant; after all, St Christopher was the Patron Saint of Travellers. When you get to know all about these symbolic pendants it is hard not to want one for yourself.

What is the meaning behind St Christopher Pendants?

St Christopher was originally associated with the catholic church but has spread to other backgrounds and meanings. Although there are a lot of stories surrounding the figure, the most famous story is about St Christopher protecting a child that he had found by the side of a large river. He carries the child across a dangerous river, with the child in one arm and a staff in the other. After getting the child to safety, the child reveals himself to be Christ.

Christ affirmed it was himself by asking Christopher to plant the staff he had been carrying into the ground and, the next day a full tree had grown in its place. He became known as the Patron Saint for Travellers and the name Christopher means Christ-bearer in Greek and, as you might have guessed it is this story where the name gets its meaning.

St Christopher Pendants typically show a large man carrying a child in one arm and a staff in the other hand, wading through water. The scene is likened to other myths of crossing water to escape peril and the iconography of a man carrying a staff over water with the symbols of protection against death and ill fates. Some coin pendants will also have an inscription around the pendant with the phrase "St Christopher Pray for Us" or "St Christopher Protect Us".

St Christopher Pendant Necklace

When to Gift a St Christopher Pendant

St Christopher gifts make really popular gifts and we think there are a few occasions that this pendant makes a really personal and memorable gift for someone.

Travelers and Adventures

If you know someone going on a gap year, or perhaps moving abroad for work, or just have a friend who is always on holiday then a St Christopher pendant is the ideal jewellery gift to bring them luck and good fortune on their travels.

Children and Babies 

As we mentioned, St Christopher is often depicted carrying a child and to symbolise the journey we make through life these pendants can make wonderful naming day or baptism gifts for new-born babies. These pendants can become wonderful heirloom pieces to treasure later in life and are a symbol for protection and good fortune as we make our way through the world.  


Students are often going away from home for the first time, possibly even moving to another country. Gifting a St Christopher pendant is a sentimental way for them to keep you close to their heart and a connection to home.  


Whether you’re looking for a sentimental gift or just that extra bit of luck and good fortune on your next adventure, shop our intricate St Christopher Pendants and Coin Necklaces all made with recycled silver and gold vermeil and perfect for layering with your other gemstone jewellery.