Gemstones & Their Meaning

From our bright amethyst rings to iridescent moonstone necklaces each piece of our conflict-free gemstone jewellery will bring a burst of colour and joy to your jewellery collection. Every piece with its own unique meaning and significance. Discover our favourite gemstones here and learn all about the induvial meanings behind each gemstone.    


Meaning behind Amethyst

Amethysts are associated with wisdom and tranquillity. What we love most about this gemstone is how bright it can be, but also it is strangely soothing. If you’re looking for a little peace in your life this is the stress-free gemstone for you. Why not pair our dainty amethyst ring with either blue topaz or moonstone studs for a serene colour combination?

Birthstone: February


Meaning behind Black Spinel

Spinel comes from the Greek word Spinos which means sparkle or spark. These gorgeous black gemstones are often cut with many facets to add that extra brilliance. Compared to other dark stones like black onyx, black spinel is translucent, allowing in more light and giving off that witchy shimmer. We can’t get enough of. Keep it minimal by pairing our single black spinel studs with our 1990 chunky chain choker. 

Birthstone: August


Meaning behind Citrine

Capture the feeling of the golden hour with this sun-kissed gemstone. This warm gemstone evokes joy and prosperity which earned it the name “The Merchants Stone”. Celebrate your success with its rich orange hues and golden radiance. The perfect jewellery gift if you are looking to congratulate a job promotion or celebrate a graduation. 

Birthstone: November

Gemstones and their meaning - moonstone


Meaning behind Moonstone

Start your love affair with gemstone jewellery with moonstone. Moonstone relates to new beginnings and hope. Moonstone has a blue shimmer created by minerals in the gemstone. Ancient cultures believed this blue shimmer was created when moonlight reflected on the stone. If you are looking to start your gemstone jewellery collection, this is our go-to gemstone. Pair with black spinel for a monochromatic jewellery stack or maybe complement vibrant tigers eyes with this iridescent gemstone. 

Birthstone: June

Meaning behind Tigers Eye

Tiger’s eye not only looks like its namesake; it is also known as a stone of protection. We love that no two stones are alike; each has its unique red shading and inky brown and black stripes. Despite Tigers Eye opacity, this stone gives off a lustre we just can’t resist. Wear this fierce gemstone if you want to clear your mind of negative thoughts.  Pair our delicate Tigers Eye Studs with our Turquoise Tibetan Cross for a colourful gemstone contrast. 

Birthstone: June


Meaning behind Topaz

Topaz has many different forms and colours. The colour variation happens due to different temperatures around the stone. Even the different crystal directions in the stone can impact on the stone colour. Bright colours from white, green, blue to pink can all form naturally and from heat treatments. Topaz gemstones are connected with creative energies and inspiration. We especially love using topaz in a pave setting like our Large Pink Topaz Bowie Stud.      

Birthstone: November

 Gemstones and their meaning - turquoise

Meaning behind Turquoise

Turquoise is a captivating gemstone that gives us a feeling of fresh summer days and new beginnings. It is also our go to jewellery for serious pool-side glamour and elegant holiday jewellery. The striking colour of turquoise has long been coveted by ancient civilisations for protection and decorating talismans. We carry this meaning forward into our jewellery with our turquoise scarab ring and tripe star earrings, as well as cute turquoise studs.   

Birthstone: December


Meaning behind Emerald

Emeralds have long been believed to be the symbol of love and truth. Over time Emeralds have also been associated with intuition and knowledge of the future. Our snake bangle and hand-crafted leopard necklaces use emeralds as the eyes to bring life and vibrancy to these animals. Pair our beautiful emerald or green topaz jewellery with black onyx for a glamorous colour combination.    

Birthstone: May


Meaning behind Ruby

Ruby gemstones, with their deep red colour, have a special meaning of passion, wealth, and power. The vivid colour of the gemstone is what has kept our fascination with rubies for thousands of years. Many famous pieces of jewellery are often set with rubies including Elizabeth Taylor’s ruby earrings. Pair a vibrant ruby with some sparkling white topaz to make the red really pop. 

Birthstone: July


Meaning behind Black Onyx

Black onyx is a black opaque gemstone sometimes with bands of natural colour variation. It was thought to drain negative energies; the more negativity energy absorbed the darker and richer the colour of black onyx. It is worn as a sign of determination and emotional support. Pair your favourite black onyx pieces with green emeralds for one of our favourite colour combinations.

Birthstone: January


Gemstones and their meaning - lapis

Meaning behind Lapis Lazuli

One of the most ancient and coveted gemstones of all time. Lapis Lazuli was thought to represent royalty, honour, and higher wisdom. It has also been associated with evil eyes and protection. The vibrant blue colour is complemented by either gold or silver, making lapis lazuli versatile and one of the most wearable gemstones. Pair our stunning lapis lazuli necklace with a pair of huggie hoops.

Birthstone: September


Whether you’re looking for a birthstone gift or wanting to add some colour to your jewellery box you can find your favourite gemstone jewellery with Wolf and Zephyr. Shop vibrant turquoise, iridescent moonstone and many more at Wolf and Zephyr.