Evil Eye Meaning

It seems like now more than ever, we need a little more positivity in our lives and, what better way to embrace this with an evil eye protection pendant. You have probably already seen the evil eye symbol before, whether you have come across it in stories, paintings, jewellery, or fabrics. The evil eye symbol has long been a go-to favourite to ward away bad luck and protect the wearer from harm. Read all about why we love this ancient symbol and learn about the meaning behind this iconic piece of jewellery.

The Evil Eye symbol originates from the Mediterranean and Western Asia and is referenced across many cultures, from Roman to Greek texts. In fact, the evil eye dates as far back as 3000 BC; some things just never go out of style.

Although there so many myths and stories about the talismanic powers linked to this symbol, it is universally recognised as a symbol to ward away evil spirits and bad luck. When someone looks upon you enviously or gives you an “evil eye”, this pendant will stare back and protect the wearer from harm or bad vibes.

It feels like destiny that this symbol would become synonymous with jewellery as it means you can always wear this symbol and incorporate it into your everyday life. The most iconic evil eye jewellery has to be the Nazar Eye Necklace, also known as the Turkish Evil Eye. This necklace features the classic evil eye motif made from different colours of glass. The eye shape is created with concentric circles or teardrops of dark blue, white, turquoise blue and then black.

Although Nazar Eye pendants are still incredibly popular, evil eye pendants have evolved and changed with modern style and tastes, but their significance remains the same. Many people still believe in the evil eye’s protective powers, from Meghan Markle wearing an Evil Eye pendant and stating, “it’s to ward off negative energy”, to celebrities such as Gigi Hadid and Cameron Diaz.  

At Wolf and Zephyr, we wanted to design an evil eye necklace inspired by this ancient symbol but with the modern twist.  Our evil eye protection necklace features an eye hand-drawn by our Founder Tori, with a bright white topaz as the central Iris and four smaller white topaz stones radiating light around the eye.

Although thousands of years later we are still enthralled by this beautiful ancient symbol, we wanted to create a pendant that was elegant and wearable every day. We especially designed our necklace for those who wish to empower themselves with positivity through ancient wisdom and beautiful craftsmanship. Enhance your style by layering this necklace with a beautiful turquoise or lapis gemstone pendant to stay positive and stylish all summer long.

Shop our evil eye protection pendant and other talismanic symbols from Wolf and Zephyr, whether you love the symbology or strongly believe in the protective powers of the evil eye.