90s Jewellery Trends

The 90s is known for a lot of fashion trends, some best left in the past, but none are more timeless than the jewellery revolution that brought us the decade of memorable and chic accessorising. It’s no surprise that decades later 90s jewellery is still loved and worn, from chokers to chunky statement chains, we’re still in love with the glamour meets the grunge of the 90s.

To add some 90s glamour to your style read all about our favourite jewellery from the 90s and why we love it so much we designed our 1990s collection.

90s Trends

90s jewellery was about trends for everyone rather than the costume jewellery of the 80s. Small studs with a choker were just as popular as bold hoop earrings worn with the 90s trademark blunt cut hairstyle. Jennifer Lopez' trademark gold hoops were coveted as much as the style of Kat and Bianca Stratford from the movie 10 Things I Hate About You. Jewellery styling became more about how you wear your jewellery rather than sticking to specific trends or pieces.  

90s Earrings

The 80s had given us pieces like statement earrings with bold bright colour and enamel and by the 90s, super colourful abstract pieces began to look dated and juvenile. Glamourous layering and cleaner metalwork were fresh and exciting, with huggie hoops and opulent big gold hoop earrings becoming everyday pieces. Multiple piercings and with stylish ear curation, adding cute ear cuffs and helix piercings to every day looks. Our mini single 1990s hoop is perfect for first-time piercings or even in a helix piercing and if you just want to get the look we have our gorgeous beaded single ear cuff for no piercings.          

90s Necklaces

The 90s also gave us some of the most iconic necklaces such as the infamous Carrie Bradshaw necklace from Sex and the City. We have our version of the personalised name necklace. We think this necklace may have kicked off the personalised jewellery trend and we love how dainty this necklace whilst still showing off lots of personality.

We couldn’t also forget about the most famous 90s necklace: the choker. Chokers were the accessory of the decade, with everything from the tattoo chokers to show stopping collar-bone sweeping pieces. However, for our 1990s collection, we wanted to design a grown-up and stylish choker that has all the style of the 90s that was perfect for the modern 2020s. With our Chunky 1990 Choker, we thought let’s make it luxe but tough and give a nod to that feminine meets grunge style the 90s gave us.

1990 Collection

At Wolf & Zephyr, we love the enduring glamour and versatility of 90s jewellery, from our iconic personalised name necklace to our oval chain bracelet. Our 1990 jewellery collection is perfect for that 90s cool nostalgia look, whether you are looking for that single perfect gold hoop or a pair of chunky oval huggies, we will have something to suit your style and personality.