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Making Better Choices

We take a strong responsibility to be a brand that promotes constant improvement through sustainable and fair business practices
Our core goal is to create jewellery that has the lowest impact on our planet and provides fair income for all those involved in our production.
By being an ethics first brand we hope to influence the jewellery industry to make positive changes that help to share wealth while sustaining our planet.
Although we wish all companies had the below policies as default, we feel it is best to be clear about our policies and practices.

Our Planet

  • We Are a member of 1% for the planet. 
    • This means we donate a minimum of 1% of our revenue to support environmental non-profit organisations.
    • This isn't an empty commitment we also implement eco-safe practices such as; recycled precious metals, eco-friendly & recycled packaging.
    • Read more on our commitment to the planet here.
    • We regularly review all our suppliers to ensure they are only providing us with low-impact raw materials. We also conduct a yearly site visit to our main manufacturer in India.
  • Chemical use.
    • As part of jewellery manufacturing and plating certain chemicals must be used. Learn more about this process here.
      • With proper handling and disposal we ensure minimal environmental impact and a safe working environment.
        • We supply our staff with correct PPE and chemical safety training.
        • We also depose of all chemicals through reputable chemical disposal services, which aim to reduce the impact on our environment.
      • Our manufacturing energy use is minimal, the reason for this is that our pieces are hand-made and do not require heavy machinery to be used during the creation the process. 



        Our work force is spread across the UK and India, with fair practices in place in both. Our UK staff are employed directly by us & our India staff are employed by our manufacturer, who runs an ethical work-shop.

        • Worker rights.
          • We have 0-tolerance approach to child labour, forced labour & modern slavery. We ensure that all our suppliers and stakeholders employ fairly and implement a strong worker rights policy.
          • All our staff have a more than living wage and maintain freedom of association.
            • For India-based staff our manufacturer covers the lack of government backed education and heath care.
            • They provide private health insurance to all permanent staff & sponsors their children in education paying for; tuition fee's, school uniforms & books.
            • All staff work a standard 8hr day and have the opportunity work paid overtime if needs be. 
        • Our suppliers
          • We aim to be as transparent as possible, if you are concerned at all with any point of our production or supply chain. Feel free to contact us for further information.
          • We regularly monitor and audit our suppliers to ensure they remain in-line with our ethics. This includes regular site visits and worker reviews. 
        • Purchasing practices
          • We aim to be a good purchaser to our suppliers and offer market rates on all precious stones and metals. We also ensure that all our raw materials are conflict-free and our gold and silver are from recycled sources.
        • COVID-19
          • All our locations enforce a covid-19 secure policy in-line with local and national guidelines.
          • As the pandemic develops, these policies are subject to change and aim to keep up-to date with the latest advice while ensuring a minimal risk for all staff & customers.
          • Some of the policies we have implemented include*:
            • Reduced staff in office environments
            • Face-coverings & PPE
            • Sanitation check-points
            • Increased cleaning and workspace cleansing.
            • Socially distanced desks and work places
        *All Covid-19 policies are subject to the latest government advice, feel free to contact us for our latest policy updates.


        Many of our products contain themes inspired by nature and the animal kingdom.
        We don't and will not use animal products or testing in the production of our products.
        We commit to support WWF, find our more about our commitments here.
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