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Ear Curation by Wolf and Zephyr




Let your imagination run wild with personalised ear curation by Wolf and Zephyr.

Wolf and Zephyr professional piercing is an extension of the jewellery brand, which allows our clients to create their own unique, desired look using a range of jewellery skilfully made with specific piercings in mind. 

Our in house piercer will work with you to help you design your very own unique curated ear, which will represent your style and personality. All in a relaxing, fun, safe and friendly environment. You will receive expert advice throughout the entire process, including aftercare.

We pierce using sterile, precise needles and your choice of pieces from our luxury piercing range, made from 14ct yellow and white gold with precious stones, in order to produce optimum results.

Our piercing jewellery has been expertly developed and refined to make sure that it not only meets international standards and is hypoallergenic, but also that it is delicate enough to be comfortable to wear; not to mention beautiful.

At Wolf and Zephyr, piercing safety is our top priority; that’s why all of our equipment, and your jewellery, is sterilised using medical grade autoclave sterilisers before it is used to pierce.


Piercing Directory

Piercing placement for your ear curation

1. Lobe - this is the lower/fleshy part of the ear. There are many combinations of stacked piercing’s possible here which also can be a solution for a poorly placed, traditional lobe piercing.
2. Anti-Tragus - the triangular-shaped spot that sticks out just above your ear lobe, directly opposite the tragus piercing.
3. Conch - this piercing is in the middle part of the inside of the ear. The conch is pierced initially with a bar but after the piercing is healed a ring can be fitted that will orbit the outside part of the ear.
4. Outer-Conch - this is the flat piece of ear between the helix and the ridge. Depending on the ear anatomy more than one piercing can be placed here for a more dramatic effect.
5. Helix - the part of the ear following the line of the hood of the ear. Multiple piercings can be made here for a more dramatic effect.
6. Rook - this is nestled in the cartilage fold, below the top rim/hood of the ear and above the daith piercing.
7. Forward Helix - this is the part of the war which is closest to you face. Can have multiple piercings placed depending on the ear anatomy.
8. Daith - pierced through the crux of the ear, directly below the rook piercing. Roughly at the same pressure point on your ear where an acupuncturist would target to treat migraines. The daith piercing is also believed to help with anxiety.
9.Tragus - the perforation of the tragus, which projects immediately from the ear canal. Similar to the daith, this piercing is roughly at the same pressure point on your ear when an acupuncturist would target to treat migraines.
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